I am Private Manning

Because I believe the public deserves the truth and whistleblowers deserve a fair trial.

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PVT Manning is considered by many to be the most important whistleblower of our time. Help us show the the world that people from all walks of life care about the truth and transparency.

Adding your photo is as easy as:

1. Make a sign that reads “I am Bradley Manning.”

2. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign (photoshop entries will not be included) and upload. «—- For some creative ideas, see some of our favorites or organize a group photo.

3. Add a description that includes:

  • *Region (city, state/province, country)
  • *Occupation/interests (musician, teacher, grandmother, etc.)
  • Why you support Bradley Manning <— short and sweet!

*We will use this info to make this petition more interactive, powerful, and viral.

EXAMPLE: “My name is Joan Miller (optional). I am a teacher from Austin, Texas, and I support Bradley because we all deserve to know the truth. I am also a union member, grandmother, and writer.”

Thanks! We will send you an email when your photo is published, with a link to the photo and creative ways to share it. You can help us by donating to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund to help us pay Bradley’s legal fees, and find creative ways to deliver this petition in D.C.